Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ms. Wheelchair CA 2010 wins 1st Runner Up at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2011 pageant!!

I was SO excited when I had the opportunity to crown my 1st Runner Up as the new Ms. Wheelchair CA 2010 back in April 2010 when I was Ms. Wheelchair CA 2009. I am now ecstatic to announce that Jennifer Kumiyama just placed 1st Runner Up at the national Ms. Wheelchair America 2011 pageant!!!! I could not be more proud of her as a contestant, a friend, and a sister.

Check out her blog here to read a little bit more about her winning. And here's how California has done in the past three years at Nationals (amazing!):

MWCC 2008, Shannon Coe - 1st Runner Up
MWCC 2009, Alyson Roth - 2nd Runner Up
MWCC 2010, Jennifer Kumiyama - 1st Runner Up

Way to keep in the Top 5 for the past three years ladies!!! I am SO HAPPY!

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