Friday, April 9, 2010

PMTD Movement Gala

I was excited to be a part of the Physical Movement Therapy Device (PMTD) Movement Therapy Gala (Flexiciser) on April 8th at the Marriott in downtown Los Angeles. Wonderful people, great food, contagious laughter, and an amazing medical movement device called the Flexiciser makes for one amazing evening! I was honored to sit at one of the head tables with the President of Flexiciser, Bryan Mallidine, as well as some friends of mine.
The director, Alexis Ostrander, of the upcoming documentary, "Defining Beauty: More than a Crown and a Sash" was there as well, so we got our picture taken in front of the "famous background".
Sitting with me at the table was Dr. Suzy Kim who was awarded the "Medical Practitioner Excellence Award." Though I don't see her as "Dr. Suzy Kim," I was so proud of her! I know her from surfing!! So seeing each other dressed up was a rarity, as we are usually in wetsuits alongside each other.

Another great friend is Madonna Long of Cloe Magazine. We had so many laughs that night!
I was also honored to sit alongside Erica Davis who recently (February 2010) conquered Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania... in a wheelchair! Simply amazing and awe inspiring!

Richard Kiel was honored with an award as well, and while up on the stage sharing his story, my jaw dropped as I heard his story. We both suffered disabilities while leaving Yosemite National Park. We chatted for quite some time as we shared similar stories, and he is a born again Christian. He is a great guy and sincerely enjoyed meeting him. In case you don't recognize him, he was "Jaws" in the "The Spy Who Loved Me" among many others like "The Giant of Thunder Mountain" and "Happy Gilmore."
Thank you for such a special night of wonderful inspiration!

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