Friday, April 23, 2010

The New Ms. Wheelchair California 2010!!

Congratulations to Jennifer Kumiyama, the new Ms. Wheelchair California 2010! Though she will always be 1st Runner Up in the 2009 pageant, I am extremely proud of her for becoming my successor! Margarita Elizondo placed 1st Runner Up in the Ms. Wheelchair California 2010 pageant.

You can follow Jennifer's journey as Ms. Wheelchair California 2010 by clicking here.

Much luck and lots of love, Jennifer!


  1. Congratulations, Jennifer; Alyson thank you for posting this beautiful video. In 2005 a medical mishap left me with a paralyzed vocal chord. As a singer, I was devastated to be told I'd never sing again. Now, 2010 I perform as a vocalist with a swing band. Life is ever-changing. Jennifer, thanks for reminding us of the value of our own self-belief. Best wishes to you all. Andrea